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04-03-2016 - - Equine - 0 comments
FREE Gastroscopy Clinic

On Monday 14th March 2016, we are running a free clinic, checking horses for the presence of stomach ulcers.
Gastric ulcer syndrome (GUS) is common in horses but has a very wide range of presenting symptoms and the only way to diagnose their presence and severity is by gastroscopy. This is where an endoscope is passed down the horse's gullet and into the stomach to actually have a look and see.

George Equine GastroPlaces are limited and will be offered on the basis of clinical need. So, to apply, please complete the assessment form which you can download here or email

Completed forms can be returned to The George Equine Clinic, 18-20 High Street, Malmesbury. SN16 9AU


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