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20-04-2015 - - Equine - 0 comments
Seasonal top tips for your horses

Sweet itch

Prevention is better than cure and now is the time to start preventing:Traditionally we've always advocated you: 

  • Avoid marshy, boggy fields.
  • Stable your horse at dusk and dawn and use fly-screens on the stable door and fans in the stable to help keep midges away.
  • Turn out affected horses in full body fly-sheets (covering neck and belly).
  • Use generous quantities of insect repellent.

But we've also had success recently with Fidavet Cavalesse: This comes in both an oral form, and a topical (cream) form. The products can be used separately or in conjunction with one another for maximum benefit. It works best if given a month or so before the allergy season starts and it needs to be continued throughout the risk period. For more info see SWEET ITCH on the 'look up a topic' section of our website

Weight gain!

The grass is starting to grow and the horses are staying out longer. The overweight horse is more likely to suffer from a range of problems especially laminitis so now is the time to act: Reduce turnout and supplementary feeding as much as possible, strip graze the pasture, use muzzles and most importantly exercise your horse as much as possible (it's normally easier to burn off the calories than to restrict their intake)


Talking of laminitis, if your horse has suffered from it before or if she has any changes to her coat or if she is more lethargic these days she may well be struggling with Cushings syndrome. Diagnosis is via a simple blood test and now is a very good time to do this. The chance of any future problems can be dramatically reduced by early use of Prascend medication.

The busy riding season is coming 

Your horse may well be out competing more or she may be going to pony club camp in the coming months so it's a great idea to check her passport to ensure that you're not going to get turned away because of an overdue vaccination. Performance may also be improved with a pain-free mouth so it is sensible for us to check her teeth now too.


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