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05-02-2015 - - Farm - 0 comments
Exploring Costs - Farm Vets Newsletter

As you will all be very much aware, the price of milk and how little farmers are being paid for their milk, has hit the headlines nationally. A world over-supply, an export ban to Russia and diminished Chinese demand have all been cited as reasons for the falling price. With milk prices set to remain low for the first part of 2015 it is no wonder farmers are looking at their budgets and management practices to save costs. It is important to identify areas where savings can be made safely and avoid cost reductions in key areas such as nutrition, cow comfort and fertility which may lead to a decline in herd health and subsequently lower milk production, offsetting any potential saving.

This month Tim explores costs as well as improving herd efficiency when times are hard.

Farm Vets Newsletter - Feb 2015 - Exploring Costs


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