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Nadis Parasite & Disease Alert Webinars - Jan 2014

This month there are 3 webinars.

The Parasite Forecast covers the latest liver fluke forecast and advice, monitoring continuing risk of PGE in sheep and this winter's risk of Ostertagiosis in cattle. Also covered are scab and lice in sheep and lice infestation in cattle.

The Disease Alert webinar focuses on why, at this time of the year, ewes will need their primary vaccination/annual booster against Clostridial diseases, a very important, cost-effective procedure. With dairy cows now having been housed for some time, lamenesses such as sole ulcer start to occur more frequently and you'll find more information within this webinar. 

There is a third webinar available on how to recognise, treat and prevent Milk Fever in the calving cow.

Click here for the JANUARY WEBINARS

A PDF of the Forecast can also be found HERE


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