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04-11-2013 - - Farm - 0 comments

(Click Link) This month's webinar includes the liver fluke forecast update, PGE and FECs, Haemonchosis, autumn Nematodirosis, sheep scab and lice. Ostertagiosis including advice on autumn worming of cattle is also covered.

You can also view a PDF summary of the Parasite Forecast here.

The disease alert webinar looks at housing and how increasing humidity usually sees a big increase in calf pneumonia cases. Sheep scab has increased markedly since the cessation of compulsory dipping and also tends to peak this month and next.

In this webinar James Aitken BSc BVetMed MRCVS, Orchard Veterinary Group, Glastonbury, discusses the presenting signs, treatment and prevention of these conditions.


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