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18-09-2013 - - Farm - 0 comments

We've extracted this from an advertisement in the Farmers Guardian and thought that the app might be of interest to some of you:

"If maize crops are harvested too early, you risk losing out on the starch and energy yields. Harvest too late, and the plants have started to lose digestibility and it's harder to get good compaction in the clamp.

Now there's an easy way to predict the optimum time to harvest maize crops. Simply download Limagrain's new App, Maize Manager, onto your mobile phone or tablet, and take it with you into the maize field.

The Maize Manager App asks a number of questions, and uses your answers to calculate the dry matter content of the crop, then it works out how many days until it reaches maturity and is ready for harvest.

With Maize Manager, you can book the contractor with peace of mind that the crop will be ready - so you capture the full energy potential of the maize you have grown."

To find out more, and to download the App for free visit


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