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Lab Technician

We have a great many different requirements from our 4 distinct practices at "The George". We advertise through different media depending on what specific requirements we have at any time, but inevitably we will be consistent in advertising on our careers page whatever the role.

We are lucky to have some great contacts out there to reference and utilise when recruiting for certain positions, but we always welcome speculative enquiries too. It might be that when you look on the page you can't see a role suitable, but a combination of business growth, progression of people's careers and ambitions or changes in circumstances means that, in our business our size, a new opportunity might only be weeks away. You just never know!

It's competitive out there - we recently received over 100 applications for one post! 

Take a look at what's currently available here. If there isn't a post suited to your skills set they please consider others who you might know to whom you can recoomend the opportunity.

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