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11-10-2016 - - Pig - 0 comments
Pig Fair - best attendance to date

October 4th and 5th saw a total of over 160 farmers and allied industry attend our annual George Veterinary Group Pig Fairs in Exeter and Wincanton.Topics covered this year included some positive messages on antibiotic stewardship in our client base related to novel health management and improvement strategies. We feel our sector has been 'on the back foot' for long enough and it was great to note the real progress being made.

Willy Thomson from Harbro gave a really entertaining slant on the use of new (and not so new!) technology in the pig sector and how we can use easily accessible data to improve our decision making and ultimately bottom line.Dr Violet Beattie from Devenish Nutrition and our very own Alex Thomsett gave some really thought provoking talks on pig behaviour, and how pigs interact with the way we manage them. Alex finished by challenging the audience to try to see it from the pigs' point of view: 'Don't make the pigs fit the system, make the system fit the pigs!'. Wise words.Annie rounded up with usual summary of topical issues for SW pig farming before adjourning for the traditional soup and pasties.

We all had a great afternoon and 'Thanks' to all those that attended, contributed to the discussions and for the great feedback.Special thanks also to Willy Thomson and Dr Violet Beattie.A summary of all the presentations will be made available in next month's newsletter Talkshop so look out for that. 


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