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11-12-2015 - - Veterinary - 0 comments
Eva's Journey - cat spey

Have you ever wondered just what happens when you wave goodbye at the door and entrust your precious pets to our care? Eva (below) was recently admitted for a spey and , with the owner's permission, we have put together a short collage of pictures to show Eva's journey after her welcome at Reception.

First stages of cat spey

1: Eva receives an injectable anaesthetic into the vein in her leg to put her into an unconscious state

2: An Endotracheal tube is used to maintain her airway and provide oxygen and anaesthetic throughout

3: Surgical site clipped ready for admission into theatre while being constantly monitored

Cat spey

4: Scrubbing and preparing the surgical site

5: Area clean and draped

6: Surgical area now isolated and veterinary team ready to perform operation

7: Out of theatre again with cuddles and warmth being provided to speed recovery

8: Eva's first meal after the operation - the "Elizabethan" collar prevents her interfering with her stitches

Typically, from start to finish, the journey lasts an hour but while in recovery she will be monitored (and loved) until she is ready to leave the Hospital later the same day


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