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07-06-2013 - - Veterinary - 0 comments
Reunited through Microchipping

A stray cat was brought into our Tetbury surgery on Tuesday with a badly damaged tail. A quick scan for an i.d. chip enabled us to identify her as Roses and we were immediately able to contact her delighted owner Paula.

Reunited with Roses

Roses had been missing since March and Paula had really lost hope of any reunification - she was considering cancelling her pet insurance.

Paula would like to say a big "thank you" to Michael Evans who spotted Roses nursing her injury and brought her straight in.

Microchipping does work, and it lasts a lifetime for a one off cost. Throughout June we are offering microchipping at HALF PRICE. You can visit us and book an appointment to see a nurse who will carry out this simple, and painless, procedure; in order to give you peace of mind that should your pet ever go missing you have a far greater chance of being reunited, call us today.

In 2016 a new law will be introduced - why wait?

Photo: Cyril with Paula and Roses


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