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08-06-2016 - - Veterinary - 0 comments
The Big Tick Project

Following on from the success of last year's project, we're pleased to offer assistance in information gathering for this year's Big Tick Project sponsored in association with University of Bristol and MSD. 

tick projectThe focus is on our feline friends this time and we are keen for you to bring in your cats for free removal of ticks should you find any on them. We will send off any ticks to the University of Bristol for analysis and ask also that you assist by completing a short questionnaire. The aim here is to identify areas of tick prevalence and identify any which are carrying disease in certain areas too. If you find one on your cat, please book in with our nurses who will remove any ticks and include your ticks in the study.

Please call us to get involved. You can take your cat into any of our branches. Just speak to one of the team.  


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