Healthcare Plans

We have introduced the following plans to ensure peace of mind for clients. You will find links to each document below, but do not hesitate to call us if you would like further information or have any questions - 01666 826456


Equine Essentials Healthcare Plan





We understand that caring for our horse(s) is hard and expensive work! We have introduced the EEHCP to provide a comprehensive and affordable preventative healthcare plan, helping to ensure the very best care for your horse throughout the year.  

Whilst we can never plan the unexpected, this health care plan allows you to budget for your horse's essential health care for each year through affordable monthly instalments. 

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Over 20s            Healthcare Plan






As our horses get older they are increasingly likely to need veterinary care. Many are still ridden and seemingly need very little veterinary involvement, but just as in humans, age-related changed can creep up on us.

We believe that older horses need to be seen by the vet more regularly than their younger companions so that we address any problems before they develop. We think the treatment and examinations included in our Over 20's health care plan are really important.

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Sarah and Laura - Equine Vets