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Farm Newsletter - Biosecurity

Chris Warren addresses the importance of biosecurity on farm and where the greatest threats lie.

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Latest Sheep Newsletter - March

Lambing season is upon us again.

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Farm Vets Newsletter- March

It is fair to say that recognising and understanding pain in farm animals can be a tricky business! 

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The George Farm Vets on the BBC

Did you see our appearance on Countryfile on 19th Feb? 

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Farm Vets Newsletter - Calf Pneumonia

Pneumonia affects more calves than you might think. 

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Lameness Case Study

Happy New Year! The Farm Vets newsletter this month focuses on a case study for foot trimming.

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Farm Newsletter - December

This month we discuss poor condition.

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Our Dispensary has a new home until Spring

As part of the development of all areas at Malmesbury dispensary has a temporary location.

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Trace elements and deficiency

Trace elements are essential to cow health but are only required in minute amounts on a day-to-day basis. 

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Kathryn Hart achieves her Certificate

Success is habit forming for Kat it seems. 

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Congratulations to Kat Hart

Well done to Kat who was nominated and awarded runner-up in the Dairy Vet of the Year award category at the annual industry Cream Awards. 

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Farm Vets newsletter and Sheep newsletter

Did you follow the Olympics? What similarities can we see in our high-performing cattle?

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Farm Vets Newsletter - August

Infectious disease control is an area that has long been neglected in UK ruminant livestock farming. The twin pressures of TB and production diseases such as mastitis and lameness have meant that infectious disease wasn't systematically addressed. 

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The Farm Vets July Newsletter - Economics

Everybody is well aware of the tough economic climate facing farming today.

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Maximising submission rates

Fertility is the main driver of profitability on any dairy farm and with milk price as poor as it is, fertility becomes even more important. 

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Training courses for farmers

Visit our new page highlighting all the courses on offer to farmers from The George Farm Vets

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Blowfly strike - Sheep Newsletter

Up to 500,000 sheep every year are affected by blowfly strike with recent estimates made that 80% of UK flocks will have one or two cases of strike every year.

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Blowfly strike - Sheep Newsletter

Up to 500,000 sheep every year are affected by blowfly strike with recent estimates made that 80% of UK flocks will have one or two cases of strike every year.

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National Johnes Management Plan (NJMP)

May's newsletter from The George Farm Vets also covers our Medicine Handling Course.

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New Product Launch!

It is not often in the farm animal world that we get a brand new product for a brand new application.

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Hypomagnesaemia     (Grass Staggers)

Most cases of hypomagnesaemia occur in recently-calved beef cows but disease can also occur in dairy cows.

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Open Day at Pincots Farm

A opportunity to see two Fullwood M2erlin robots in action and hear about the Marsh family's experience 

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National Johnes Management Plan

Do you know your herd's Johne's Disease status? Do you have a control plan in place? 

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Care of newborn lambs

Will Sommerville provides an overview of the risk factors associated with lambing

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Dry Cow Management - Farm Vets

Nick Britten BVSc MRCVS gives his insight into this topic in the March newsletter.

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Farm Vets - Poisons and Toxicities

Sarah Metcalfe BVetMed (Hons) MRCVS presents the February newsletter for The George Farm Vets

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Post Mortem Examinations

This month the Farm Vets focus on the Post Mortem Examination.

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Seasonal Sheep Newsletter

Sarah Metcalfe BVetMed(Hons) MRCVS shares her advice on perinatal lamb care and treatment of hypothermia. 

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Bull Fertility testing

Ian Cardiff explores fertility and success rates in December's issue of the newsletter

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A George Farm Vets client, Mr Keith Withers of Little Lype Farm, Charlton gave a moving and honest interview to BBC Radio Wiltshire today (12/11/15) 

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Calf Housing and Ventilation

Kat looks at the causes leading to an increased risk of calf pneumonia as we enter the colder months

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Farm Vets - Drying off technique

This month Ed covers drying off technique and maximising cure rates in lame cows.

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Berkeley Grazing Group Meeting

Future meeting : Berkeley Vale Grazing Group 23rd October 2015 at 10.30 am    Venue : Home Farm, Hartpury College. Pasties and cakes provided 

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Cream Awards - Congratulations to...

The George Farm Vets were highly commended as Runners Up in the category of Dairy Vet of the Year 2015 at the UK Dairy Awards 2015. 

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Kat's article in British Dairying

Pneumonia caused by bacteria in calves under 6 months of age is now more common than viral disease.

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Cattle Housing and Pneumonia event - Invitation

Thursday 1st October 2015 11:30am - 3pm

Mobley Farm, Berkeley, Gloucestershire, GL13 9EN; by kind permission of Dave & Lynn Cullimore

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Mastitis - Parlour routine and techniques

Chris Warren gives his advice and thoughts on reducing cases of Mastitis.

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NADIS Parasite Forecast Summary - Sept 2015

The Parasite Forecast and Disease Alerts are now ready to download

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Flock Fertility - Sheep Newsletter

The time to start thinking about fertility is now.

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Friday 7th AUGUST - Grazing Meeting Invite

The more the merrier! You are invited to come along to the next Berkeley Vale grazing meeting 11am-2pm at Tresham Farm.

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Heat Stress - Cattle

We're not the only ones affected by the heat. The July newsletter from the Farm Vets investigates the impact of heat stress.

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Keeping Britain's Youngstock Healthy

Kat Hart has been involved in contributions to a newly-launched website supported by MSD. 

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Is your cattle handling system efficient?

Bea Yates poses the question based on the various systems we see across farms. 

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Nadis Parasite Forecast and Webinars - May 2015

This month's webinar focuses on the Nematodirus forecast and also worming of ewes and calves as well as blowfly strike control.

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Colostrum - Farm Vets May Newsletter

The first few hours of a calf's life have a massive impact on not only its survival, but also on its future health and productivity. 

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April Newsletter - The Farm Vets

Changes to the provision of statutory disease testing - what does it mean for farmers? 

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Bovine TB and the Gloucestershire Badger Cull - Thursday 19th March

An opportunity to hear about "the facts so far", "farming in the cull zone" and the way testing will be carried out from 1st May following the government's tendering process. 

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Farm Vets Newsletter March 2015

Kat Hart provides this month's contribution to advise on preparing Youngstock for grazing. 

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Exploring Costs - Farm Vets Newsletter

Milk prices are down; what are the risks of cost-cutting and what can be done to improve herd efficiency, especially during hard times. 

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January Forecast from NADIS and the Farm Vets

January's webinars for the Parasite Forecast and Disease Alerts are ready to view.

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Caring for the freshly calved cow

January's newsletter from The George Farm Vets is now available.

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Farm Vets Newsletter Dec 14

Digital Dermatitis will be on the rise at this time of year.

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Nadis Parasite & Disease Alert Webinars - Dec 2014

The latest webinars and parasite forecast for December are now available

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World Cheese Champions 2014

Many congratulations to our clients, the Padfield family, on their amazing result at the World Cheese Awards. 

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Farm Vets Newsletter November 14

November's edition is compiled by Gethin Roberts and focuses on Infectious Rhinotracheitis (IBR).

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Nadis Parasite Forecast & Disease Alert - Nov 2014

This month's parasite forecast is available now as a webinar or pdf download

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How fast work saved a champ

We thought we'd puff out our chests a little and share, with pride, a great recovery story.

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Nadis Parasite Forecast & Disease Alert - Oct 2014

October's Parasite Forecast and Disease Alerts are now available

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Farm Vets Newsletter Oct 14

This month B focuses on surgery and post-op care.

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Many cases of lungworm are currently being found in samples sent into the Veterinary Laboratory Agencies at the moment. 

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Farm Vets Newsletter Sept 14

NEOSPORA CANINUM has only recently been discovered as a cause of abortion in cows.

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Both the webinars and forecasts for September are now available.

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This summer's newsletter for our sheep clients and all those interested is focussed on mastitis.

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Cathy Morris presents the August edition of The George Farm Vets newsletter.

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July's forecast and alerts in conjuntion with NADIS are now available. 

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Farm Vets Newsletter July 14

STILLBIRTH is the focus of our July edition of the newsletter composed by Kat Hart. 

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It's the monthly update from NADIS containing webinars for the month ahead. This month there are several more webinars than usual.

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June's newsletter is now available and covers Staph aureus mastitis, and fly control in grazing stock. We also have a supplementary advice sheet on getting the best from your foot trimmer.

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A date for your diary on the evening of Thursday 12th June with speaker Kat Bazeley BSc BVSc CertWEL MRCVS.

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May Newsletter and Parasite Forecast

This month Ed Bailey focuses on the responsible use of medicines. You can also access the latest Nadis webinars and Parasite forecast for May.

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30th April - Aimed at our dairy farmers we're delighted to be hosting this event at Malmesbury town hall. 

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This month the webinars from Nadis focusses on Nematodirus and Coccidiosis in lambs, worming of ewes at lambing and prevention of lungworm and PGE in cattle. 

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Farm Vets Newsletter April 2014 -CN

This month Charlie reveals the importance of lighting and water in increasing production.

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We've produced a worming planner for sheep as a guide to assist you. 

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Farm Vets Newsletter March 2104

Tim Hirst focuses on the healthy cow in our March issue.

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Spring Sheep Newsletter & Farm Vets Feb Newsletter

Our Spring Sheep Newsletter is here for you to read and written by Ian Cardiff. We have also just published our Farm Vets Feb edition of the Newsletter on E.Coli which has been written by Chris Warren.

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Farm Vets Newsletter Jan 2014

January's edition focuses on BVD, bull fertility and reporting abortions.

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Nadis Parasite & Disease Alert Webinars - Jan 2014

The January Parasite Report and Disease Alert webinars are now available.

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Another date for the diary - Thursday 16th January. You are invited to a meeting at the Cross Hands Hotel, Old Sodbury with EBLEX and Gethin from the Farm Team.

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December's forecast is now here with 3 webinars to view. 

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Tuesday 10 December to Thursday 27 March - EBVC Feeding the dairy cow training.

This course is tailored towards farmers / farm managers of progressive dairy farms responsible for the day to day management of forage and feed.

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Our separate Cattle and sheep newsletters for November are now available for download.

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On Wednesday 27th November (11am - 2pm) you can join Eblex and our own Gethin Roberts for this Better Returns meeting. To book your free place please email or call the Events Office on 01904 771211.

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DairyCo's Mastitis Control Plan

Follow the link below to view the recent article published in the Farmers Weekly Dairy Update pages as part of their Health Special section. This demonstrates the rewards of the DairyCo Mastitis Control Plan implemented by Ed Bailey for one of our clients.

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This month's webinar includes the liver fluke forecast update, PGE and FECs, Haemonchosis, autumn Nematodirosis, sheep scab and lice. Ostertagiosis including advice on autumn worming of cattle is also covered. 

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Farm Vets Newsletter Oct 2013

October's Newsletter has been written by Tom Oxtoby and covers Herd Genetics and also New Forest Eye disease.

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This month's webinar includes the updated liver fluke forecast, lungworm, Ostertagiosis and lice in cattle and parasite gastroenteritis in sheep, including advice on worming and quarantining purchased animals. 

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 From 1st October we are delighted to be taking the farm clients previously of the Avenue Veterinary Centre (Bristol), and their animals, into our care. We'd like to extend a warm welcome to all and look forward to working together and delivering the highest level of care and service - we offer a comprehensive range of services and with 14 dedicated Farm Vets we have a wealth of management skills and experience. 

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Farm Vets Newsletter Sept 13

Cathy covers HYPOCALCAEMIA for the Farm Vets in September's edition.

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We noticed this app advertised on the Farmers Guardian and thought we'd share the idea. We haven't tried it, but thought it might be of interest.

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Congratulations to The George Farm Vets

At a great night celebrating the achievements of the British Dairy Industry in Birmingham, The George Farm Vets were proud to receive the runners up prize for British Dairy Vet of the year. Tom was there to collect the award on behalf of the practice and is delighted with the achievement.

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Previously it has been advised to administer these two vaccines a minimum of 2 weeks apart, but new work by the manufacturer MSD Animal Health has meant that the advice has changed. Click below to for full details and instructions on how to administer.

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Nadis Parasite & Disease Alert Webinars - Sept 2013

The Webinars for September's Parasite and Disease Alerts are now available to view. 

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The George Organic Farm Discussion Group met on 21st August at Horton, in Devizes. Click below.

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An opportunity to have your questions answered and find out more about this devastating virus -Thursday 29th August 2013 - 7.00 p.m. - 9.30 p.m.
Sedgemoor Auction Centre, North Petherton, Bridgwater, Somerset  TA6 6DF

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Farm Vets Newsletter Aug 2013

August's edition has been produced by Kat and is now available. 

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Following the recent launch of the new Schmallenberg vaccine (Bovilis SBV by MSD) here is some further information regarding the disease and the reasons and logistics in vaccination:

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Blowfly - Are You Prepared For Strike?

Experts advise that preventive action against blowfly strike must be considered even after the unseasonal weather. As temperatures rise above 9°C, overwintered blowfly larvae start to develop and eventually pupate, so the start of the strike season will not be far behind. Blowfly strike can be easily prevented through the use of products which contain insect growth regulators (IGRs).
ITV news covered this preventable issue, with our own Tom Oxtoby on farm to discuss it further. You will find this and more information by clicking through to read more. 

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The Farm Vets July Newsletter

Are your cows walking comfortably? This month Ian Cardiff takes us through the the various options to ensure an easier journey for your cows.

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Farm Vets Newsletter June 2013

In June's edition, Ed covers non-healing foot lesions as well as pain relief for dehorning and castration.

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Parasite Forecast May 2013 - Webinar and Summary

This month's issue covers the developing regional situation for Nematodirus along with PGE, chronic fluke, lungworm and headfly. The Disease Alert covers three topical cattle and sheep health/production issues, including bull sub fertility and optimising dairy fertility.

A webinar and downloadable copy of the forecast is available. 

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AHVLA, together with the Sustainable Control of Parasites in Sheep (SCOPS) initiative, are warning of a continued high risk of fluke infection for grazing animals in the early part of 2013 because the infective stage of the fluke will survive well on pasture land in mild, wet winters. Gavin Watkins, chair of AHVLA's Cattle Expert Group, said: 'Prevention is difficult at this time of year and vets have reported that the incidence of infection on some farms is so high that animals have had to be housed to avoid the risk of further infection. It is important to remember that, as well as cattle and sheep, goats, llamas and alpacas are highly susceptible to fluke infection."

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Farm Vets Newsletter April 2013 - TB

In April's edition, Tim covers the badger culling pilot, ahead of its launch, presenting some of the facts and figures surrounding the issues of TB and rising badger numbers.  

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Farm Vets Newsletter March 2013

The Farm Vets' Newsletter has been produced this month by Chris Warren with a focus on ketosis, also known as ketonaemia. There's a new introduction for the team and a spot of classifieds!

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Farm Vets February Newsletter

In my final newsletter before packing off to New Zealand, we cover Fluke, Surgery Records, the Healthy Livestock Initiative Update and, of course, my sad goodbye. Click here for the full edition.

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Schmallenberg Virus Update

There has been much talk about the Schmallenberg Virus recently.Read Chris's review and update on SBV which will add clarity and bring you up to date with current understanding. Click here for the full update.

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January Newsletter - The George Farm Vets

The Farm Vets' January newsletter is now available, featuring Tim's American adventure, data comparisons between GVG and U.S. herds, a new face in the team and Phil Marsh retires. 

Click here to download the newsletter in pdf format.