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Many farm clients vaccinate their cows against Bovine Viral Diarrhoea (BVD) and Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis (IBR) using Bovilis BVD and Bovilis IBR Marker Live vaccines. Previously it has been advised to administer these two vaccines a minimum of 2 weeks apart, but new work by the manufacturer MSD Animal Health has meant that the advice has changed. The 2 vaccines can now be mixed together and administered into the muscle via the same syringe.
This should save valuable time and effort, whilst still offering the same high levels of disease prevention. To see how to go about mixing these vaccines correctly, follow the link to a short MSD video tutorial. 


In summary: 

  • Bovilis BVD can now be mixed with Bovilis IBR Marker Live
  • Administer the mixed combination as a single 2ml intramuscular dose.
  • Vaccinate cattle from 15 months of age. 
  • Use as a booster dose*
  • Use the mixed combination within 3 hours. 

*(in animals previously vaccinated separately with Bovilis IBR Marker Live or Bovilis BVD)

Bovilis BVD - Product Information

Bovilis IBR Marker Live - Product Information

NOTE: The mixing of vaccines should only be done with Bovilis BVD and Bovilis IBR Marker Live as per the drug company guidelines. DO NOT attempt to mix any other makes or types of vaccines as this may adversely affect their safety and efficacy 


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