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Staphylococcus aureus is a common cause of chronic mastitis. Cows may flare up with clinical mastitis, but more often remain sub-clinical with no detectable changes in milk or udder. They do, however, pose a real threat of contamination and disease spread to the rest of the herd. Find out more in our June newsletter below.

Fly Control

With the warmer weather approaching, it is important to consider fly control in your grazing stock. The nuisance and irritation to cattle of large numbers of flies is often underestimated and disregarded. However, improved fly control has been linked with a small increase in milk yield (up to 2.6%) and calf growth statistics. 

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Also available -  our guide to what to expect from your foot trimmer. We raise the issue of what you should expect from a professional foot trimmer, and what should be done by the farmer or vet. 


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