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Nadis Parasite & Disease Alert Webinars - Sept 2013

September Parasite Forecast includes:

  • Liver fluke - provisional forecast for 2013/14
  •  PGE in lambs - risk factors, SCOPS, FECs, dosing ewes
  •  Lungworm and ostertagiosis in cattle (type 1 and 2)
  • Quarantine arrangements to prevent introduction of sheep scab and resistant worms

This month's Disease Alert covers:

  • Bracken poisoning in cattle and sheep
  • Trace element deficiency in sheep

There is also a specially commissioned webinar on Worms in Dairy Cows. Recent research indicates that even an apparently low infestation of worms can have a marked effect on milk production. The effects, diagnosis and control are discussed.

Click Here for the webinars

A full PDF summary is also available here - Click for PDF


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