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07-10-2013 - - Farm - 0 comments

This month's webinar includes the updated liver fluke forecast, lungworm, Ostertagiosis and lice in cattle and parasite gastroenteritis in sheep, including advice on worming and quarantining purchased animals. 

Hypomagnesaemia in cattle (grass staggers), one of the true veterinary emergencies, usually reaches a peak in October following the autumn flush of grass. Also covered are respiratory diseases in sheep including Pasteurellosis, OPA (Jaagsiekte) and lung abscesses.

Clinical disease in the form of diarrhoea and weight loss, commonly seen in youngstock infested with gut worms, is significantly rarer in adults. However they can still have a marked effect on production. In this webinar Richard Laven discusses the importance, diagnosis and control of gut worms in dairy cows. 

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