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22-11-2016 - - Farm - 0 comments
Our Pharmacy has a new home until Spring

Many of you might have noticed the construction of a new building at the premises in Malmesbury. It's all part of a our plan to offer improved facilities and develop further the space we occupy to make the best use of it.

From the perspective of the Farm team, we will benefit in the Spring from a larger pharmacy area which will accommodate all medicines in one location where currently we have been a little restricted by the physical space available to us. This is due to be completed sometime early in Spring we hope.

However, to make way for a new Diagnostic Imaging Suite in the Hospital, the Pharmacy has moved about 100 yards away from its previous location. It remains accessible from the Cross Hayes Car Park to the rear of the premises and as you face our building we are away to the right nearer to the Town Hall. We are in the building next to the right and adjoining the Chiropractic Clinic (indicated by the yellow arrow in the photo).

You will still be able to call through to place orders as before, and collect form the new location. Just enter through the large gate.



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