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Spring Sheep Newsletter & Farm Vets Feb Newsletter

Our Sheep newsletter for Spring has been written by Ian Cardiff and covers Condition Scoring. Scoring of ewes in late pregnancy is a simple and effective tool for assessing individual body condition and allows for adjustment of feeding in the 8 to 12 week period prior to lambing. Growth of lamb(s) is significant in last 8 weeks of gestation (70%), so correct feeding of ewe is crucial. 

Sheep Newsletter Spring 2014 - Here

E.coli is a mastitis-causing Gram negative coliform bacteria that lives in the environment. It thrives in wet and dirty conditions in cow housing and at pasture. It is not spread cow to cow but is picked up directly from the cow's environment. It can cause disease in beef and dairy cattle at any stage of lactation or the dry period. Chris Warren covers all you need to know on the subject in our latest newsletter.

Farm Vets Newsletter February 2014 - Here


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