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06-12-2013 - - Veterinary - 0 comments
Christmas Poisons

We've produced a one page guide to help identify some of the most common poisons.

At a time of year when families are celebrating, December can pose more serious threat to our pets, as a bounty of food appears in homes.

The colder weather also means that anti-freeze is more common and this can quickly lead to fatality if ingested. Ensure you keep lids on any containers and out of reach. We'd advise that you also are mindful of your pets drinking from any puddles in more urban areas.

Another threat is posed by the rock salt used by our gritting trucks. It gets in between paws and can be very uncomfortable for your pets. Rock salt is toxic if ingested so to it's best to wash and wipe dry your pet's legs and paws when they come back from walks, in case they decide to lick themselves clean and risk ingestion of a toxin. 

Click the link to our Christmas Poisons PDF


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