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Vet Techs

Our team of veterinary technicians are trained to the highest standards and can provide an affordable solution for stock management and on farm labour shortages.  

Veterinary technicians at the George

Our Vet Tech Team

Our team of Vet Techs offer a range of services. Zoe, Rosie and Toby joined the The George Farm Vets in 2022, providing a range of valuable services to our clients.  

Youngstock Services

We provide handling facilities for pre weaned calves free of charge so our vet techs can performed disbudding with no additional help.

Vaccine administration

All vet techs are trained to the highest standard on intramuscular, subcutaneous and intranasal vaccine administration. Whether it is routine weekly visits for pneumonia vaccine or one off whole herd vaccination you can count on us.

Calf weighing
Our vet techs can visit farms routinely to provide accurate weights for growing  animals. Data collection and analysis is included free of charge.





Spreading friendly flies

Friendly Flies

During the fly season, our team will visit our farm on a fortnightly basis and provide targeted application of friendly flies. These flies feed on nuisance fly larvae  drastically reducing fly numbers over the summer without the use of harmful pour-ons.  

Worm eggs counts in the laboratory at The George Farm Vets

Parasite Package

Vets techs can help implement parasite control on farm via faeces collection for worm egg counts, helping with dosing and weighing animals as well as putting down friendly fly eggs for fly control 

Freeze Branding

Our team uses high quality WOPA irons and dry ice to provide a flexible and professional service. 

Mobility Scoring

All our vet techs are ROMs (register of mobility scorers) accredited so can perform mobility scoring to the highest standards. Our mobility scores are accepted by all aligned contracts. 

TB testing with The George Farm Vets

TB testing and APHA duties

All our Veterinary Technicians are Approved Tuberculin Testers (ATTs).


Livestock Health Products


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