30-06-2022 - Ben Jowett BVM BVS MRCVS - 0 comments
NSAIDs and Pain Relief

Pain relief is an essential part of caring for any animal but production animals often mask signs of pain and discomfort. Knowing what to use, when to use it and if it has been effective can be a challenge. 

30-06-2022 - Zoe Williams BVetMed MRCVS - 0 comments
Beef Newsletter - maximising calving ease and success

As the busy calving season winds down, now seems a good time to think about how we can make improvements for next year. Maximising calving ease should be a pnonty for any suckler herd as difficult calvings can be extremely costly. 

06-06-2022 - Will Sommerville BVetSci BVM BVS MRCVS - 0 comments

Blowfly strike is a major animal welfare concern: an average of 1.5% of ewes and 3% of lambs in the UK may be affected each year, despite preventative measures undertaken by most farmers.  

01-06-2022 - Sarah Metcalfe BVetMed(Hons) MRCVS - 0 comments

What is Ketosis - this is month's newsletter from the George Farm Vets covers Ketosis and the issues associated with it.

05-05-2022 - Keir Hamilton BVM&S MRCVS - 0 comments
Changes to Red Tractor Herd Health Plan

Herd health planning can be incredibly useful - it allows farm staff and vets the opportunity to review the past year, find potential issues and  implement a plan to try and improve welfare, productivity and in turn profitability.  


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