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Our Healthy Horse Club

George Equine Clinic Healthy Horse Club

We want your horse to stay fit and healthy for longer. Join our Healthy Horse club to work with us in providing the preventative healthcare your horse needs throughout the year. At £13/month, membership also offers discounts on additional veterinary services and other club benefits as listed below.


We appreciate you joining our Healthy Horse club and will endeavour to accommodate any reasonable time constraints you may have whilst still not charging you our costs to travel to you. Become part of our Healthy Horse club today!

Full terms and conditions available here

To join, please complete the form below, or if you prefer print our application form here and send it to us.

Once we have received your application form we will send you a link via email to sign up to our direct debit scheme for payment of £13 per month. If you would prefer we can also offer the option of a one-off annual payment of £156.  

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