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Equine Influenza outbreak

Download our advice sheet here

To offer your horses the best protection you can, please consider the following:

Are they vaccinated against equine flu? If "yes", have they had a booster within the last 6 months? If "yes", then they currently have the best protection that vaccination can give. 

If your horse's last booster was more than 6 months ago then have a flu booster vaccination now. 

If they are not vaccinated currently, then start vaccination now; it is better than no protection.

Whilst vaccination does not guarantee your horse won't get flu, it does significantly lessen the symptoms in infected horses and is well worthwhile for your horse's health. Not only that, it significantly reduces shedding of the virus therefore limiting spread of the disease.

What to look for?

 Signs of flu to look for are an increased temperature (>38C) cough, nasal discharge and general malaise.

Please do contact the team should you have any with any questions or concerns.

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