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Equine Newsletter - Spring 24


Spring newsletter from the Equine team


With Spring grass on its way (and winter hopefully well behind us), this is a good time to body condition score your Equine to see if they are at optimum weight!

Body Condition Scoring generally looks at these main areas:

  • Neck: Appearance and feel of the Crest
  • Shoulder: Can you see the outline of the shoulder blade?
  • Back and Ribs: Topline, is this smooth or can you feel bones here, are the ribs visible or easy to feel?
  • Rump: Look from side and behind; is this rounded or narrow; does the pelvis have a round or angular appearance?

The easiest scoring system to use is out of 5, with 1 being low , 3  Ideal condition, 5 very overweight; the picture below shows common areas of fatty tissue storage.
Ask your Vet if you would like us to help you with this! 

Read more about what we have been up to through the link above

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