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Beef newsletter - making the most out of the pathway

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Following on from Bea's email last month to our clients, this newsletter sheds some more light on what we at The George Farm Vets can offer our clients with the new Animal Health and Welfare Pathway Scheme, and how best to use the money from the government.

A quick summary of the pathway and how to apply, for those not yet up to speed: 

As a beef farmer you are eligible for £522. The only mandatory thing you have to do to get this money is to test 6 young animals (ideally 9-18 month, but say you're a finisher; your youngest animals will do for BVD. Once you remove the cost of the BVD testing, the money left over equates to approximately 2.5 hours of vet time.

In order to apply you need your SBI and RPA customer relations number (CRN). We are happy to do this process for you at visits or if you give us the numbers over the phone we can do it in the office for you. Once you sign up you will be contacted to let you know that you are eligible, you will then be invited to officially apply. Once you have your Agreement Number you can contact us to book in your visit. We cannot do anything until you have this number.

The funding money will be sent directly to your bank account once you have completed your visit and the accompanying report has been submitted. The government's plan is to use engagement with this as proof that farmers are proactively looking after their stock and potentially it will be needed to access further grants in the future.

Get the ball rolling here

The main aim of this funding is to improve relationships between farmers and vets. We believe there is a huge benefit in having a vet who delivers bespoke, consistent advice and really knows you and your farm. Give us a call and let the government pay for 2.5 hours of bespoke advice for your farm! 

What use is 2.5 hrs of vet time we hear you ask? Well, there are just a few ideas in our latest newsletter. This is by no means an exhaustive list and if there is something that you specifically would like or you'd like to talk it through with someone, speak to your vet and they can help make it work for you.

Read the full newsletter above by clicking the link at the top of the page.

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