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Smallholders' winter newsletter


Smallholder visit
We will happily book you in for a smallholder visit. This involves a vet visiting your holding to assess and discuss key management areas. This discussion would include housing, nutrition, body condition scoring, vaccination planning, parasite control and other important things!  

Afterwards, a Health Plan will be made specifically for your farm in the form of a calendar including month-specific reminders.
Cost is £185 plus VAT, which includes:

  • Visit Fee
  • One hour of vet time
  • Tailor made Health Plan Calendar
  • One Worm Egg Count  

Even if you have had a Health Plan done in the past, it is still very useful to review this and chat about any changes or questions you might have. If you've been lucky enough not to have had us out in the past year, this visit will guarantee we've seen your animals and you are able to get medicines without having an "Animal Under Our Care Visit" first. 

Sheep Shearing
This is a service carried out by Toby, one of our Vet Techs. He can be booked on Wednesdays in both May and June to shear your sheep. Costs: Visit Fee + £10 per animal (minimum of £30). If you have over 20 sheep to be shorn, the price reduces to £8 per animal.  

Pregnancy scanning (goats and sheep)
We offer a scanning service for small ruminants. This will be carried out by vets Joe Pescod and Keir Hamilton, who will come to your farm with their scanner and will be able to tell whether your ewe/doe is pregnant. Costs: Visit Fee + Vet time spent on farm 

Worming and Vaccination assistance
Our lovely vet techs can assist with worming and the vaccination of your animals. If you would like to have some help doing these husbandry tasks, please get in touch. 

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