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Sudden death in cattle

Sudden death in cattle: CLICK FOR FULL NEWSLETTER

Sudden death in cattle is a distressing event and always a cause of concern on farm. As we head into late summer and autumn there are a few causes to be aware of and be informed of how to approach each situation. This is a basic   overview of the major causes but if you have any concerns or wish to discuss any of these further, please feel free to contact us!

Covered in this edition of the Farm Vets newsletter are Anthrax, Grass Staggers, Clostridial diseases, Acidosis/Bloat, Pneumonia, Fog Fever and toxins. 

What to do when you encounter sudden death:

1. Phone AHPA to report.

2. Call the vets to discuss the case (as soon as possible- the fresher the carcass the better).

3. After discussing the case, we may suggest to post mortem the animal. We can do this on farm. 

4. Arrange for collection of carcass - ideally as soon as the post mortem is complete.

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