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The "Vet Attestation" or Statutory Health Attestation is a new veterinary certification that will be required from the 13th  December 2023. This is required to allow products of animal origins to be exported to the EU. 

Why do we need more vet paperwork? 
When products of animal origin (e.g. meat, milk, leather)  are exported to the EU, the producer/manufacturer requires an export health certificate to accompany the shipment and allow it access to the EU. 

Many owners may not be certain if sold animals/products of animal origins derived from their animals will be exported to the EU. Even if meat is not directly exported to the EU, other byproducts may be. Due to a change in legislation post-Brexit, the EU now require proof that the origin farm has underdone regular visits by a veterinary surgeon to verify the absence of  notifiable diseases.

Without the attestation, the official veterinarian at the abattoir may not be able to sign additional documents required for the export health certificates to allow animal products to be exported - possibly affecting the price you will receive. Therefore DEFRA has strongly recommended that all farm businesses are prepared for this.

Do I need a Vet Attestation?
If you are currently part of an approved farm assurance scheme, such as Red Tractor, you do not need to take any further action. The assurance scheme is already noted as part of the food chain information. If you plan or have already taken part in the Animal Health and Welfare Pathway initiative, the veterinary review and visit provides enough information to allow a vet attestation to be signed. 

Otherwise if you are a non-assured owner, then you will need to obtain a valid vet attestation. Once a visit has taken place, the attestation form should be kept on farm with you and a copy will be stored on your records in the practice. The attestation form is valid for 12 months. 

Find out more thorugh the link above or call The Farm Vets call us on 01666 823035.

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